About Us


"Bulzaar India Private Limited" (herein referred to as "Bulzaar") was founded in October 2019. Bulzaar is delivering different types of construction material displayed on its website all over India. The company aims for the highest level customer satisfaction above all along with the delivery of original products.

Looking at the current market scenario in the construction industry, we believe that an average person struggles a lot to source his material for all his construction needs. With so many styles/variants available for one product, one has to roam street to street, exploring different markets for choosing a suitable design/style of a product and once, the person finalizes a product, he is at the liberty of the shopkeeper to have the best price for that product. Even after all this, there is still a chance that the product obtained by the customer is a duplicate/counterfeit product. This whole process is very inefficient as it takes up a lot of time, effort, and resources of a person. For a working-class person, it is very difficult to go through this process, let it be just simple repair work, renovation, or building a house from scratch.

We at Bulzaar, believe that in this era of digitalization, an online construction material marketplace is the perfect solution to overcome these difficulties and to help the customer in procuring their material needs, the best way possible. With this belief, our team works tirelessly to give our customers the best shopping experience for a huge variety of products. With our ever-growing network of manufacturers, authorized dealers, and various suppliers, we strive for excellence in delivering genuine quality products at the best prices at our customer's doorstep. Our vision is to help people for all their construction needs in the best way possible and transform their lives by eliminating the unnecessary hassle.