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Anchor Uno "B" Type Non-Modular MCB

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Engineered to deliver optimum security to the heavy electrical appliances of your home and office, the Anchor UNO MINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER (MCB) range becomes a cherished partner of the premise. Powered by Panasonic technology, this range is designed by the finest brains of India and Japan.

These Circuit breakers secure the premise from electrical fire caused due to short circuits. Its exclusive mid-trip function makes it easy to identify circuit fault as a knob stays in the centre in case of overload or short circuit. Manufactured with superior fire-resistant plastic parts, which prevent abnormal heating and offer resistance against strong impacts. The high short-circuit breaking capacity of 10000A (10kA).

Key Features

      • Positive Contact Indication:

        UNO MCB has a clearly visible contact position indicator to identify the real positions of contacts inside the MCB.

      • Breaking Capacity 10kA:

        The Breaker can break high Short Circuit fault under the conditions of 3 phase fault or phase - Neutral fault, voltage dip. The UNO MCB can protect equipment by opening the contacts even if the high current of 10kA appears.

      • Trip Indication by Mid Trip:

        UNO MCB 10kA is equipped with trip indication features with Mid Trip functionality. This is an inbuilt feature reflecting the difference between OFF and Trip (during a fault) of MCB.

      • Current Limit Class-3:

        UNO MCB is designed to allow minimum let through energy in case of faults. It operates with the high-speed mechanism in which Electrodynamic forces set up by the heavy current due to short-circuit, separates the contacts several times faster before it could reach the peak value, thus suppressing the high current.

      • Energy Efficient:

        UNO MCB has lower wattage loss values as compared to the specification of IS/IEC standards. Due to lower wattage loss, it can be termed as an energy-efficient.

      • Large Termination Size and Dual Termination:

        UNO MCB has a high terminal capacity of 35 that allows using Aluminium conductors or bus- bars for connection & Bi- Connect termination that allows the connection of either cable or bus - bar for better flexibility.

      • IP 20 Degree Protection:

        Finger proof terminals eliminate chances of accidental contact with live parts. All the live parts are shrouded/ inaccessible; ensuring the safety of installers.

      • Padlocking Facility:

        Dolly is padlock because of purely safety purpose during the maintenance 

        • OFF position for personal safety during maintenance.

        • ON position for the extremely critical load.

      • Air Circulation:

        When two or more poles are placed adjacent to each other. The breathing channels are so profiled that the air circulates around the individual pole, resulting in cooler operation.

      • Certificates:

        UNO MCB is ISI marked as per IS/IEC 60898-1:2002. The third-party tests are done at CPRI, ERDA. A design registration patent is also registered.

Technical Specifications

Standard Conformity IS/IEC 60898-1-2002
Standard Rated Current(In) 6A to 63A
Poles SP, SP+N, DP, TP, TP+N, FP
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Capacity(Icn) 10000A(10kA)
Rated Voltage(Ue) 240/415 V AC
Rated Frequency(f) 50Hz
Rated Insulation Voltage(Ui) 660 V~
Ambient Temperature -5 to 55oC
Contact indication Red-ON & Green-OFF
Trip fault Indication Mid Trip feature
Terminal Capacity 35sq mm
Energy Limiting Class Class - 3
Watt Loss As per the IS/IEC Standards

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