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Finolex FR(Flame Retardant) PVC Insulated Single Core Cables

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This is a special quality wire that ensures the safe working of electrical devices at home. This Finolex 1.5mm 90 mtr fire resistant & flame retardant (FR) insulated copper house wire from Finolex is made from high-quality PVC that protects both appliances and users from electrical leakages. This is a standard product of electrical wires from Finolex i.e.ideal for wiring of electrical control panels, industrial sheds, buildings etc., where increased fire safety is desired. This wire is shielded by a specially formulated flame-retardant low smoke PVC compound that retards the spread of fire and emits minimum smoke and toxic gases, thereby reducing the risk of injury.


Manufactured from bright annealed 99.97% pure bare copper conductors these cables have low conductor resistance resulting in power saving. These wires are insulated with a special grade PVC compound formulated and manufactured in-house. The insulation is far superior in terms of critical oxygen and temperature index and also in light transmission and acid gas generation. These wires conform to IS 694:1990 and also have FIA/TAC (Fire Insurance/Tariff Advisory Committee) approval.

Indian Standard Wiring Color Code

Function Color
Single Phase Line Red
Single Phase Neutral Black
Single Phase Protective Earth or Ground Green
Three Phase Line(L1) Red
Three Phase Line(L2) Yellow
Three Phase Line(L3) Blue
Three Phase Neutral(N) Black
Three Phase Protective Earth(PE) or Ground Green


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