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Havells Euro-II Premium SPN ACCL

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Havells Premium SPN ACCL (Automatic Source Changeover with Current Limiter).

A changeover device transfers the Load from Mains Power Supply to the Generator, automatically upon failure of Mains Power Supply. It also functions as a load limiter with monitoring of the Generator supply, thereby reducing stress on the Generator.


Type Automatic
Execution(Pole) Single Pole & Neutral (SPN)
Current limiter Yes
Microcontroller based Automatic Changeover Microcontroller based circuit forthe faster and better response.
Inbuilt SMPS for low power consumption PCB based circuit consumes very low amount of power.
Operational status indication through LEDs LEDs indication provides the operating status of ACCL
Manual reset provision Manual reset provision provided to reset when ACCL goes to sleep mode.


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