Havells Euro-II RCCB - ‘AC’ Type

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(In accordance with IS 12640-1 & IEC 61008-1) 240 V/415 V, 50 Hz with 10 kA short circuit withstand capacity

RESIDUAL CURRENT OPERATED CIRCUIT BREAKER (RCCB) Residual Current Circuit Breaker(RCCB) also called as Earth leakage Circuit Breaker(ELCB) is a device, designed to cause the opening of contacts to disconnect the load from the supply mains when the residual current(IΔn) is flowing in the circuit.

Faulty wires, poorly insulated equipment & incorrect use of an electrical device are the primary elements that may cause leakage current.

Type A Provides protection against Pulsating DC.
Operating mechanism Simple and Robust operating mechanism.
Indication Rotary handle with ON/OFF indication.
Dual termination Two types of busbars can be used, that is ,Fork Type and Pin Type.
Advance neutral Where neutral makes ahead of phases and breaks after phases,which ensures complete discharge of line inductance and capacitance , hence making it suitable as main switch.
Test button Test button for regular inspection/testing.
Positive contact indication Provides positive contact indication for higher reliability.


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