Havells Lifeline Plus S3 Single Core HRFR(Heat Resistant Flame Retardant) PVC Insulated Industrial Cables

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Heat Resistance Flame Retardant

The current carrying capacity of a wire is defined as how much load a conductor can carry (In amperage). When the current flows through the conductor a certain level of heat generates which can further increase up to the melting temperature of the insulation or insulating material. Havells wires offer insulation with (HR) Heat resistant along with Flame Retardant properties which are suitable to bear a temperature up to 85 °C whereas ordinary PVC is suitable only up to 70 °C and due to this feature HAVELLS Wires are capable to carry Higher current and ensures better electrical and mechanical performance at higher temperatures. The HRFR property is available from 0.5 sq. mm to 630 sq. mm in single core.

High Insulation Resistance

In all cables, there is generally leakage of current from the live conductor through the insulation. In case of inferior quality of insulation, the current leakage increases. This is unsafe and can cause damage to installations as well as become a threat to life.
Low Leakage Current – Havells wires have an allowable current-leakage limit that is 50 times lower than the prescribed international safety norms.

International safety standards specify that the current leakage limit in handheld equipment is considered to be safe if the value is not more than 0.75 mA. Havells cables, with S3 technology, incorporate insulation of high quality which ensures that the current leakage level is as low as 0.01 mA, which is much below the prescribed limit. Havells cables have been certified by the Central Power and Research Institute (CPRI) - a premier laboratory recognised by the Government of India.
Safety from electrical shocks – Electric shock occurs when a body-part comes in contact with a bare conductor of poor insulated wire. Higher insulation resistance protects against electric shock.

RoHS Compliant

The release of certain harmful substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium etc. in plastics/equipment are dangerous to the environment and health. European Union has adopted a directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronics equipment commonly referred to as the Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive or RoHS.

Havells cables with S3 technology are certified by Bureau Veritas for RoHS compliance as per directive 2006/95/EC. This ensures that the release of hazardous substances are eliminated to provide safety for human health and to give us a green environment.
An initiative for an eco-friendly environment by Havells.

Anti Termite and Rodent

Termites and rodents cause extensive damage to paper, wood, plastic etc. In case of electrical installation, damaged caused by the above pests may lead to a short circuit which can become a cause for a major disaster, loss of property and human life. Havells cables with S3 technology provide insulation with termite and rodent repulsion properties. Certification regarding the above has been obtained from the Central Power and Research Institute (CPRI).

Best Copper Used

Havells wire use ETP grade annealed copper which is more than 99.95% pure and therefore ensures 101% conductivity (IACS).


Energy Cables for Internal electrification and power Supply to all electrically operated equipment (eg. Fans/Lights/ Appliances etc).

Indian Standard Wiring Color Code

Function Color
Single Phase Line Red
Single Phase Neutral Black
Single Phase Protective Earth or Ground Green
Three Phase Line(L1) Red
Three Phase Line(L2) Yellow
Three Phase Line(L3) Blue
Three Phase Neutral(N) Black
Three Phase Protective Earth(PE) or Ground Green


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