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Panasonic LED Deep Junction Box

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Product Description

Power Color Temperature Cut Out Dimension (cm) Product Dimension (cm) Lumen Output
5W 3000K Ø5 Ø8.4x6.6 720
5W 6500K Ø5 Ø8.4x6.6 800
5W Red Ø5 Ø8.4x6.6 NA
5W Green Ø5 Ø8.4x6.6 NA
5W Blue Ø5 Ø8.4x6.6 NA
5W Pink Ø5 Ø8.4x6.6 NA
12W 3000K Ø5 Ø14x6.8 1080
12W 6500K Ø5 Ø14x6.8 1200
12W Red Ø5 Ø14x6.8 NA
12W Green Ø5 Ø14x6.8 NA
12W Blue Ø5 Ø14x6.8 NA
15W 3000K Ø5 Ø10.5x6 1350
15W 6500K Ø5 Ø10.5x6 1500
15W Red Ø5 Ø10.5x6 NA
15W Green Ø5 Ø10.5x6 NA
15W Blue Ø5 Ø10.5x6 NA

Warranty Information: This product comes with a 1-year company warranty.

Product images are used for reference purposes only. Actual products may differ in appearance and colour.


  • Operating Voltage 140-275V AC
  • IP20
  • CRI 80
  • Beam Angle 120°
  • Surge Protection 2 kV
  • LED Life 25000 BH

Applications : Cabinets, Bedroom, Halls, Shops.

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